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What is a live scan?

A Live Scan means we take images of your fingerprints electronically with a scanner. Then, we send your fingerprints along with the information from your "Request for Live Scan Service" form to the CA Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ runs the background check(s) and sends the results directly to the requesting Agency. Please bring valid, state-issued photo ID and a filled out "Request for Live Scan Service" form.

Safe ~ Fast ~ Accurate

Our Fingerprint Technicians are certified by the DOJ and FBI. Our goal is to provide outstanding service to our valued customers.

It is important to choose a reputable fingerprint provider who gives you worry free service, and a safe and secure environment, as well as accurate transactions to ensure your requesting agency receives the clearance report in a timely manner.

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Can I check my fingerprint transaction status?


Yes. Keep your copy of the Request for Live Scan Service form because it has your tracking number (ATI#) on the bottom of the form.

Two or three days after fingerprinting, click this link  for a transmission status check.

The Applicant Tracking Identifier (ATI #), found on the bottom of the form, always appears in the following sequence:

1 Letter, 3 Numbers, 3 Letters and 3 Numbers.

How much does a live scan cost?


There are a few factors that make up the cost of the live scan:

1) The background check fee is set and charged by the DOJ and varies from $0-$93, based on the type of organization that is requesting the live scan and whether it is for volunteering, employment, professional license, or background clearance. We collect this fee at the time of service and pay it to the DOJ on your behalf.

2) The fingerprint rolling fee is set by the live scan provider and it can also be called our service fee. We roll each of your fingers when we take your fingerprints, which is why it is called a "rolling fee." It helps us keep the lights on in our office and allows us to continue offering this service. We charge the same low fee to everyone who comes to our office.

3) Credit/Debit card processing fee. We do not love passing this cost on to you, but it really eats up our small rolling fee when we're paying 3% of the entire cost of the live scan, including DOJ fees, to the banks. To avoid this fee, we happily accept payments through Zelle, included in all major banking apps. We also accept cash, and CashApp. We also accept Venmo, however, Venmo charges fees to businesses, the same way credit card companies do. So the credit card processing fee of 3% usually adds $1-$3 to the total cost. American Express is an additional fee.

I already had a live scan for ___, do I have to do another one for ___?


Yes, that is the way the DOJ has set up the live scan program. Your results get sent directly to the requesting organization and they are not allowed to share them with any other organization. Only the Custodian of Records in the organization is allowed to see the results to protect your privacy.

The live scan operator never sees your results. After we send your fingerprints and information to the DOJ, that is the end of our involvement in the transaction.

However, if you need another live scan within 30 days of your fingerprinting, give us a call; we may be able to save you a trip.


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We are located in Torrance on the southeast corner of PCH & Anza Ave near Starbucks and Walgreens.

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