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Safe ~ Fast ~ Accurate


Our Fingerprint Technicians are certified by the DOJ and FBI. Our goal is to provide outstanding services to our valued customers.

It is important to choose a reputable fingerprint provider who gives you worry free service, and a safe and secure environment, as well as accurate transactions to ensure your requesting agencies receive the clearance report in a timely manner.

We guarantee a fast, safe and smooth transaction, and the completion of the background check can be done in days. Many of our client's background checks are completed on the same day we take their fingerprints, so they are able to quickly start working.

Can I check my fingerprint transaction status?


Yes. 2-3 days after fingerprinting, you can click this link  for a transmission status check.

Keep your copy of the live scan form and have the ATI number, found on the bottom of the form, and your date of birth ready.

The ATI number is the fingerprint transmission number, and it always appears in the following sequence: 1 Letter, 3 Numbers, 3 Letters and 3 Numbers.

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