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To schedule a mobile Notary call or text 310-373-3202.

Walk-in notaries are always welcome.

The purpose of a notarial act is to deter fraud by verifying the identity of the signer, make sure they understand the document they are signing and that they do it of their own free will. The notarization also creates a public log of the notarial act and the document should be considered in full force by the signer once it is notarized. The signer must appear in person with valid state-issued picture identification and bring the document to be notarized.


We can notarize:

  • Property Grant Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Borrowers Title Deeds,  etc.

  • General Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney

  • Advance Health Care Directive

  • Affidavits of all kinds

  • Parent permission to travel

  • Request for certified copy of Birth Certificates

  • Copy Certifications of your documents

  • Issuance of Passport to a child when one parent cannot be present

  • Trusts and Certification of Trust

  • Documents in a foreign language

  • Oath of office / administer an oath

We cannot notarize:

  • Copies of CA birth, death nor marriage certificates - We can notarize requests to receive certified copies (originals) from the county registrar. We can notarize copies of foreign birth certificates.

  • I-9 or Immigration forms - Look for an Immigration Specialist.

  • Wills - don't need to be notarized to be legal, however, we can notarize them if you require it. In California wills only require signatures from two witnesses to be valid, which we can provide.

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